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Vida Mia's pocket diapers have been known to fit your baby from 7 pounds to 40+ pounds! Every child is so different and will have so many different stages as they grow, why not use a diaper that will accommodate those many stages?

Our diaper has authentic wicking jersey which makes cleaning poop easier, less mess and doesn't stain as easy as other materials.
It also has a tummy panel which helps the urine from rising upward to the clothes, it has rounded large enough pocket in the back to make stuffing much easier! 
The 3x4 rise allows the diaper to turn into all the sizes your baby will need as they grow, our snaps have a cross over snap to make it easy to roll & snap once its ready to go in the dirty hamper. One of our most popular and high demand options is the rolled elastics, we also carry regular elastic.
Rolled or "encased" elastics are amazing for babies and toddlers who have thicker thighs or just simply get those pesky indentation marks on their little legs. Does your child itch around the legs after taking off a dirty diaper? Rolled elastics is the answer! You wont have to worry about the elastics interfering with the mess coming out of the leg holes, our diapers are blow out proof!


Extended size also known as XL is now available for each print!


Vida Mia's XL's are perfect for bigger babies! The diaper has the same functions as our one size, only bigger.
-available in regular and rolled elastics. 
-3X4 Snaps
-Large opening for inserts
-Tummy panel to prevent urine from seeping upward into clothes
-dirty closure snaps
-authetic wicking jersey lining
-outer pul
-Fits from estimated 20-50 pounds although every child is different and may fit beyond 50 pounds
-No insert included at this time