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The lords chicken

The lords chicken

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Product details: One sized pocket diapers are by far the most economical type of diaper to use as you are using the same diaper that you will be using from infancy to toddlerhood. Our one sized diaper offers comfort, quality and cute styles for you and your baby!

Diaper materials:

Outer Material- Made of a waterproof & breathable PUL

Inner material- Authentic Wicking Jersey

Diaper is a pocket diaper which means you can add your choice of insert inside in the pocket or you can add insert direct to babies skin as long as it is not microfiber as it can wick away your babies natural oils which you want to avoid.

Care instructions:

- Knock solids into toilet

- Keep diapers aired out between washes

- First run a rinse cycle in cold water with no detergent

- Next cycle can be warm to hot water with mild detergent

- Never use softner

- Air dry to preserve the life of elastics and PUL