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Water Tiger

Water Tiger

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What our pocket Features:

-Updated fit: Sizing has increased and fits anywhere between 8-50+ pounds. 

-Choice of leg elastics: Does your baby get angry red marks on their little legs? Rolled elastics maybe the answer to give your baby a more comfortable fit versus regular elastics where they have a direct grip on the leg. Rolled elastics have the same security you need to ensure the mess stays in the diaper but with a less agitated grip. However, if regular elastics work for your babe, i suggest staying with regular elastics.

-Thick back elastic: Thick back elastics are more aesthetically pleasing while also giving your child a maximum blow out proof protection.

-3x4 Rise: Our 3x4 rise helps give you more sizing options so your VM/OS can size down to a tiny little diaper all the way to a bigger fit that will be there at the end of your child's cloth diapering journey. How bitter sweet! (enter happy tear here)

-Tummy Panel: Do you have a tummy sleeper? No? Even if you don't, the tummy panel is designed to keep urine or any mess from seeping upward and getting your babe's clothing all wet.

-Cross Over snaps: Have you ever been out & you have a big poopy mess of a diaper? Well our cross over snaps are designed to be able to roll up and snap your diaper closed until it's time to clean your diaper.

-Softer PUL: Our pul has also changed, its much softer now than before. This doesn't really do anything to the functionality of the diaper, but some people really prefer softer pul.

-Fun prints to choose from: Vida Mia doesn't really have a specific aesthetic or style of prints. (Kinda like the owner) This is true. Overall there's so much to choose from & I hope you can find something to fit your preference.-